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Resources & Links

These links are not maintained by or affiliated with the Women's Studies Program at the University of Connecticut. We take no responsibility for their operation or reliability. They are provided to assist students and faculty as they begin their exploration of topics that may be related to coursework, research, and/or other aspects of life.

*If you find a link that does not work, please notify us so we can attempt to find the problem.

Women's Studies Link Library

AAUW--American Association of University Women
Abigail's List -- A Feminist Activist Discussion List

About-Face!--on the impact mass media has on the physical, mental and emotional well being of women and girls
About the World Wide Web

Acquaintance Rape--A Guide for Students

Affirmative Action Information

Afghanistan Gender Apartheid

Afghan Women's Mission

African American Cultural Center

American Psychological Association

Andrea Dworkin

Artemis Guide to Women's Studies Programs

Asian American Cultural Center

Asian American Feminist Resources

Association of African Women Scholars
--Worldwide organization dedicated to promoting and encouraging scholarship on African women in African Studies. Based in Indiana University/Purdue University

Barnard Center For Research on Women

Bat Shalom--feminist peace organization of Israeli women

Bitch Magazine

Black History Month-- February

Black History Month Resource Page

BUST Magazine
--Voice of the New Girl Order

Career Builder

Career Opportunities for Women's Studies Majors

Career Services at UConn

Census Bureau of the United States

Center for the American Woman and Politics

Chicana Feminist Homepage

Children's Defense Fund

Citing Electronic Information

Civil War Women: On-Line Archival Collections

Civil War Women:Primary Sources on the Internet

Clothesline Project

Compulsive Heterosexuality

Computer Center at UConn

Computer Classes at UConn - Learn the basics of using the mainframe, email, and the World Wide Web

Connecticut Sexual Assault Crisis Services

Corporate Welfare

Cybergrrl Webstation

CWEALF (Connecticut Women's Education and Legal Fund)

Dating Violence-- A Guide for Students at UConn

Department of Labor--Women's Bureau

Digital Women--Business Tips for Women in Business

Distinguished Women of Past and Present

Domestic Violence Hotline Numbers

Electronic Course Reserve--at UConn

E-mail Lists -- Gender Related Electronic Forums

Emily's List

Emma Goldman Web Site

Equal Rights Amendment-- What does it actually say?

Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR)

FAIR's Women's Desk--The Women's Desk analyses sexism, racism and homophobia in the media and works with activists and media professionals to get a broad range of feminist perspectives included in the public debate.

Family Violence Prevention Fund

Femina Web Search

Feminist Activist Resources

Feminist Bookstores

Feminist News

Feminist Teacher

Feminist Theory Website

Feminists Against Censorship

Gender- Related Electronic Forums --annotated listing of 300+ women or related e-mail lists

Global Exchange

Global Fund for Women

Global List of Women's Organizations

Government Links: Connecticut

Guide to Women & Gender Web Sites--collections of resources

Hunger Site--Every 3.6 seconds someone dies of hunger
--Action Without Borders

Institute of African American Studies

Institute for Women's Policy Research

International Alliance For Women in Music

International Women's Day

Internet Resources on Women

Isis-- Features art and culture of women of the African diaspora.

League of Women Voters

Library Resources for Women's Studies

Library Resources for Women's Studies at UConn

Macronet--A Nonprofit Clearinghouse for Progressives

MBTI-- Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

Men Against Domestic Violence

Men Against Rape

Mothers Who Think

MS Magazine

Muslim Women's Homepage

Muslim Sister's Homepage

National Women's Hall of Fame

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Native American Resources on the Net

NEWSA--New England Women's Studies Association. NEWSAWeb is a web-site devoted to networking among Women's Studies professionals and students, independent scholars, political activists and community workers.

NWSA--National Women's Studies Association

New York Times Articles About Women

NOW -- National Organization for Women

Nonviolence Web

On the Issues-- Progressive Woman's Quarterly

Peace Corps

PCSW (Permanent Commission on the Status of Women)

Poverty Level --U.S. Census Bureau Poverty Statistics

Progressive Resource Catalog

Puerto Rican Latin American Cultural Center

Queer Resources Directory--Resources for Lesbians & Gays


Rainbow Center --A Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Educational Resource Center

Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network

RAWA--Revolutional Association of The Women of Afghanistan

Reference Desk on the Net Resource Sites--Women's Issues Resource Site by Topic

Seneca Falls Convention,1848--Declaration of Sentiments and Resolutions

September 11 Resources

Sexual Harassment-- A Guide for Students at UConn

Sexual Harassment Training Guide

Sisterhood is Global Institute

Sociologists for Women in Society

Spirited Women--A women's spirituality magazine

Teach for America

Teaching Tolerance

Transcend --A Peace and Development Organization for Conflict Transformation by Peaceful Means

True Colors--True Colors, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving and enriching the lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) youth, adults, and families

The Hunger Project

The International Women's Writing Guild

UConn Human Rights Resource Center

United for Peace and Justice

United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women

United Nations--WomenWatch

Universal Black Pages

University of Maryland Women's Studies Reference Room

Univ. of Wisconsin Women's Studies Librarian's Office

U.S. Department of Labor

Violence Against Women Office

Virtual Newspapers of the World

VISTA--Volunteers in Service to America

War Resisters League

Welfare and Families

Wise Women of the Web

Women of Achievement and Herstory

Women Leaders On Line

Womanist Theory


Women Against Fundamentalisms

WWWomen Reaching Women

Women in Computer Science

Women in Congress

Women in Technology

Women's Center at the University of Connecticut

Women's Enews

Women's Hall of Fame

Women's Environment & Development Organization

Women's History Month--March

Women's History Resources

Women's Information Network

Women's International League for Peace and Freedom


Women's Rights National Historical Park

Women's Sports Page

Women's Studies Corelist of Books by Topic

Women's Studies Email List--an academic e-mail discussion list

Women's Studies Programs, Departments, and Research Centers

Women's Studies/Women's Issues Websites--emphasis on sites of particular use to academic women's studies program

ZNET A community of people committed to social change