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Program Background

The Women's Studies Program is a flexible interdisciplinary academic program devoted to the critical analysis of gender and the pursuit of knowledge about women. Combining methods and insights of traditional academic disciplines with the special insights of Women's Studies scholarship, our courses yield fresh perspectives, which illuminate the origins of and changes in diverse cultural and social arrangements.

The Women's Studies Program is committed to a vision of women and gender that is truly international and cross-cultural. Without this perspective, our view of the world is profoundly impoverished and stereotypes will continue to distort our understanding.


Mission Statement

The mission of Women's Studies at the University of Connecticut is threefold:

1. to transform scholarship in existing academic disciplines by incorporating the study, contributions, and voices of women;
2. to create a new body of interdisciplinary research and teaching that concentrates on women, gender, and feminist theories; and
3. to build a supportive and critical community to foster social and cultural changes that improve the lives of women and men.

These activities further two goals:

1. to institutionalize the generation of knowledge about women in all their diversity and
2. to provide individuals with the means to integrate feminist theory into their professional work and everyday lives.